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PC to PhonePC to Phone - Explanation of how you can make a call from PC to Phone and what equipment and software you will need to do this. Logitech Desktop Microphone, Logitech Premium USB Headset 350.

Details of the X-Lite PC to Phone VoIP software. Including its features and how the SIP Protocol system X-Lite PC to Phone uses works.

X-Lite PC to Phone

What is X Lite PC to Phone Software?
Global IP Telecommunications, Inc. is a Pennsylvania corporation, established for the purpose of developing and distributing hardware and software solutions for the VOIP industry. Giptel's products are designed to provide the highest quality of voice communications at reasonable prices. In addition to the X-PRO Series, Giptel has designed 2 IP telephones as well as add-on software for Xten's X-PRO and X-PRO TAPI. X-PRO TAPI allows the X-PRO to be integrated into any TAPI compliant software, such as Microsoft Outlook. This allows users to make calls directly from their Outlook contacts.

X-Lite PC to Phone is a simplified version of the X-Pro software.

X-Lite PC to Phone is a simplified version of the X-Pro software. X-Lite is basically a software voip phone for your PC. Much like Skype and similar products. X-Lite uses a protocol called SIP which allows it to communicate with any other voip enabled pc or telephone. X-Lite PC to Phone is also freely available to download and can be found to the right in the links section.

So How does SIP Work?
The "Session Initiation Protocol" (SIP) is an ASCII based signal protocol. In comparison to its previous version H.323 SIP is a modern and easy to implement protocol. H.323 and SIP are incompatible between each other. The SIP is based on the question-and-answer principle. The principle of a client such as the X-Lite PC to Phone Software places an application which will be answered by a server (e.g. Nikotel, Pulver etc.). In doing so SIP clients will be identified by a SIP URL. Other advantages of SIP include that it can be used as a transport protocol based on TCP and furthermore UDP. Whereas H.323 uses TCP only.

X-Lite PC to Phone Features
  • Touch-tones [DTMF]
  • 3 Lines
  • Multiple Proxies
  • Line Hold
  • Inbound Call 'Ignore'
  • Inbound Call 'Go to Voicemail'
  • Call Forwarding URI/URL
  • Voicemail URL
  • Dial/ Redial/Hangup
  • Dynamic CODEC Selection
  • Caller ID [SIP ID]
  • Call Timer
  • Silence Threshold
  • Backspace/Clear/Delete
  • Mute
  • Microphone & Speakers Levels
  • Microphone & Speakers Meters
  • Push-to-Talk [PocketPC]
  • X-Lite PC to Phone logs the Last Caller-ID
  • Recent Calls Dialed
  • Recent Calls Received
  • Sound Device Selection
  • Direct IP to IP Calling
  • New Familiar-looking Menu
  • Phonebook [Import/Export CSV]
  • Speed Dial

Go to the Xten website (link below) to download X-Lite PC to Phone software.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

X-Ten - X-Ten Manufacturers Website. www.xten.com

X-Ten - X-Lite PC to Phone Download Location. www.xten.de

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